About Us

Purpose: why do we exist? 

To Glorify God 

Core Values: how do we behave? 




Our Model: what do we do? 

We provide space for community, spiritual growth, praise and worship.

Strategic Anchors: How will we succeed? 

Foster relationships-regardless of cost.

offer hope.

Be open, willing and available. 

To Glorify God

About our Church

When we meet: 

We are now open with Covid restrictions put into place.
Due to those restrictions we have limited seating, so if you would like to join us on Sundays please call the church or Pastor Dave ahead of time to let us know you're interested in coming. 

P.O. Box 43, 162 Railroad Ave W. 

Morris, MB, R0G 1K0


Office: (204) 746-8790



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admin Office hours: 

Sunday - Service 10:00 am

Monday - Closed

Tuesday - 9am - 12 pm

Wednesday - 9am - 12 pm

Thursday - 9am - 12 pm

Friday - 9am - 12 pm

Saturday - closed